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Looking to introduce a new well-designed product line in your market?

Here you can have a quick overlook of our project órama-ceuticals


The ó-Products

The órama products  have been designed by Chemists, and are destined to provide highly effective and safe solutions of care for its customers. After constant consultations with medical professionals that lead the field, these products have been selected to act as a priceless tool to the everyday clinical practice. The design process focuses on gender and age inclusion in order to provide singular high range products, to avoid confusing doctors and clients with high diversification of minimal significance. Emphasis is given on quality and the products' creation supports small size companies located in Greece.


This project has produced 3 product lines

órama OPSIS - Face care products

OPSIS derives from the greek word "Όψις " (EN: face)

órama KOMI - Hair care products

KOMI derives from the greek word "Κόμη" (EN: hair)

órama SOMA - Body care products

SOMA derives from the greek word "Σώμα" (EN: body)


órama PHARMACEUTICALS is a Greek based female-owned company. Our company operates with high level ethics and strives to make a difference in the medical and corporate world. We focus on efficiency and quality and work closely with the medical community in order to deliver products of value. Our company plans to act as a medium of societal development and has commited to donate 5% of its profits to charities located in Greece, with a plan to expand its commitments and contribution.


Do you wish to find out more about the products?

You can download our broshure using the links below:

English, French, Spanish


Feel free to contact us to discuss about available markets:

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